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Through our lender Network, we have over 100 Credit Programs available!


Consumer Loans

Financing for Dream Vacations, Boat or Auto Repairs, Weddings, School Tuition, Home Improvements, or any unexpected expense. We have programs for all your Consumer Finance needs!


Health Care Loans

Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Care, Vision Care, Weight Loss Procedures, Chiropractic Care, Addiction Programs, Any Medical/Dental Procedure, and even Insurance Deductibles. Our Health Care Finance Programs can make your health care affordable.


Safe and Secure

Virtual Finance Technologies is very concerned with the security of your credit information. That is why we created one application based on a credit matrix tied into over one hundred programs. Your information never leaves our secure network unless a lender is willing to make a credit offer.


- Elaine H.

My Cosmetic Surgeon referred me to Virtual Finance Technologies for the financing of my procedure. I am so glad he did! VFT was able to get me 100% of the amount I needed at 0% for 18 months, and very low payments.


- Chris J.

When I wanted to purchase an 18 year old boat for $27,000, none of the banks I called would even consider financing for it. That's when a friend of mine told me he had used Virtual Finance Technologies to get financing for an auto repair, and suggested I call them. In 10 Minutes, I was approved for the full amount I needed.


- Juan S.

I needed Spine Surgery to relieve the daily pain I was living with. The amount of the surgery I had to cover was $18,900. My credit and income was not great, due to the lack of work I could do with a bad back. Thanks to VFT, I was able to finance the procedure and I am feeling great!


Listed below, please find the Answers to the most common Questions we are asked.
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Frequently asked questions

What kind of loans does Virtual Finance Technologies offer ?
As a technology company, Virtual Finance Technologies really does not offer any kind of loans or lines of credit. However, the lenders and finance companies we work with offer two kinds of financing. They offer Credit Cards and Unsecured Personal Loans.
What can the loan be used for ?
The short answer is ANYTHING! The kind of credit lines we secure are made based on your ability to qualify, not what you are purchasing. On the other hand, there are some programs specifically for Health Care Financing. That is why you will need to select if you will use the loan for Health Care or a Consumer purchase.
What is the interest rate ?
Your interest rate is dependent on your credit history and the type of loan you are offered. For example; The rate on Personal Loans ranges from 5.9% to 18% (in most cases). The rates on Credit Cards range from 7.9% - 27.9%. But most of the credit card offers include 0% start rates for a period of time (ie. 12 months).
Is there a fee to use the service :
Yes. Virtual Finance Technologies is a ?Pay Only For Performance? service. If you get approved for a credit line and decide you want to accept the offer, you will be charged a fee of $175 if your loan amount is $1999.99 or below. If your loan amount is $2000 or greater, the fee for using our technology is $375. In most cases this fee can be financed with your new line of credit. But no matter what, the fee is never owed and/or due until you have accepted a line of credit.
Do you have 0% starting rates ?
Yes! Most of the credit card programs offered through our technology do offer 0% starting rates. The terms and qualifying for such do vary with every offer. But if you are eligible for a 0% starting rate, it will be offered to you.

Basic Qualifying Guidelines.

Must be a US Citizen

Must be at least 18 years old

Must have at least $2000 a month in total household income

Must have acceptable credit score (usually considered 620+).

No Bankruptcies in last 3 years

No open collections.

Our process is very simple! You just complete the application, and you will get an instant decision. 15 short minutes after that, you will get a call from one of our Finance Managers to discuss your options. Pick the credit line that is best for you, and close the transaction via email. Within 3 - 7 days, you will have your new line of credit to use. What could be easier ?

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